Live Football Streaming on Android, iOS and Windows Devices

Live Football Streaming on Android, iOS and Windows Devices


Are you one of the very busy football lovers that are hardly at home during match hours? You don’t have to miss any of your favorite football matches again. This page basically teaches how you can easily stream live football matches on your different devices. We would be discussing live football streaming under three subheadings which includes; how to watch live football matches on Android, iOS, and Windows Devices.

How to Stream Live Football Matches on Android Devices

Watching live football matches on Android devices is quite easy and don’t need much explanations as this can be achieved with the help of some easy to use live football streaming apps. The two best live football streaming android apps are; WSS APK and MOBDRO which you can download below.


Football Live Streaming on Windows

Watching live football matches on Windows/PC is a bit more difficult than it is on mobile, but you don’t have to worry as I will walk you through the procedures on how to achieve that. Here, I will be teaching you three ways (Torrent live streaming, P2P streaming, and the use of android apps) you can easily stream all your live football matches on your PC.

Torrent Live Streaming

So far, this is the best live football streaming method for PC users as it offers the best streaming quality and tons of live channels for you. For you to be able to use this method, you need to have a very fast and stable internet connection that is able to browse torrents data.


  • Stable
  • HD Quality
  • Real Time Streaming
  • High Quality Audio Output
  • Over 5000 TV Channels
  • Ad Free
  • Every Live Match Available

Channel Categories

  • Are Common
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Films
  • Sport
  • Learning
  • Music
  • Men’s
  • Regional
  • Religious
  • Adult
  • HD Channels
  • Moderation

To do this, you need to first download the Ace Stream Media on your Windows PC

After installing the Ace Stream Media, Go to your Browser (Preferably Mozilla Firefox), Click on Add-ons, Locate the Ace Stream Media Plugin and put it on Always Activate.

To Stream live TV, Go to any Torrent TV website, I use (use the button at the top of the page to translate website to English). There are a lot of Channels for you to select from; Sports, Live Football, News, Music, Movies, Religion, Child, Adult, and many more channels. For you to be able to view all the channels, you need to register and sign in on the Torrent TV website.

List of Some Sports Channels on Torrent TV streaming

SkySports 1
SkySports 2
SkySports 3
SkySports 4
SkySports F1
At the Race
Racing UK
Box Nation
BT Sports 1
BT Sports 2
Euro Sports 1
Euro Sports 2
Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports 2
PTV Sports
Sky Sports Italy 1
Sky Sports Italy 2
Sky Sports Italy 3
Chelsea TV
Star Sports 1
Star Sports 3
NFL Network
SportsNet World
SportsNet Ontario
SportsNet One
Sony Six
Willow Cricket
Setanta Ireland
Geo Super
Sport Tv 1
Sport Tv 2
Sport Tv 3
Sport Tv Live

And Many More


P2P Streaming

P2P which is an abbreviation for Peer to Peer is a software application designed to redistribute video streams in real time on a P2P Network. You can stream live football matches using this service.


  • Real Time Streaming
  • Stable Streaming over Slow Internet Connection
  • All Live Matches Available
  • Free to Use

Major Known Issue

P2P Websites are flooded with lots of Ads that make it difficult to get to the streaming interface

To Use this method, Visit a P2P website, for example;, you will see all the upcoming live matches listed according to their schedules. Just click the one you wish to watch and find a way to get past the ads. (I do not recommend this method if you wish to be streaming regularly).

Live Football Streaming Using Android Apps on Windows

Yes, Android apps on PC. It is true that you can use android apps on Windows PCs with the help of some apps. My most preferred app for this purpose is Bluestacks. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC, Launch the Blustacks program which will open an android device interface, login with you google account details just like you bought a new Android device, Open the browser and download one of the 2 android apps for streaming of live football matches I list at the beginning of this page, Launch and enjoying your streaming through the android app on your Windows PC.

Live Football Streaming on iOS devices

We are still reviewing the selected apps under this category and we would make them available for you as soon as we are done with our review.